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How Are Super Tall Long-Stem Roses Grown?

We offer super tall roses, the largest roses in the world, in two sizes: 3 feet (100 centimeters) and 4 feet (120 centimeters). Our super tall long-stem roses are grownwith the utmost care right from when they are buds until they are fully grown. We have chosen the foothills of the Cayambe mountain in the Andes to grow our roses because the volcanic soil here is very fertile and the weather is just right for growing roses with large stems and large blooms. All our long stem roses are grown in special greenhouses where the amount of light and heat...

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How to Make Amazing Rose Bouquet Arrangements

To make an amazing rose bouquet arrangement, we recommend choosing at least different roses colors to pair. Roses in different colors red, blue, yellow, pink, white, rainbow, peach, orange, are all beautiful by themselves in arrangements but we think certain rose color combinations (such as blue and red, blue and pink, white and red, white and pink, red and pink, peach and pink, peach and orange, orange and white) can look a lot more stunning than roses of all the same color. However, our Rainbow roses, since they are multicolored roses, we think they are an excellent bouquet choice and...

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How Long Do Rose Bouquets Last?

At Best Roses Shop, our premium fresh cut rose bouquets last for more than 12 days. Our Blue and Rainbow rose bouquets last for 10 days or more depending on the proper care. Our long-stemmed roses (3ft and 4ft long) last longer due to them growing to 3 or 4 feet. With proper care and hydrating the flowers with fresh water every day, our roses last longer than our competition. One of the main reasons why our roses last longer than other roses is because our roses are farm-direct and cut in the morning on the day that they are...

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