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How to Make Amazing Rose Bouquet Arrangements

To make an amazing rose bouquet arrangement, we recommend choosing at least different roses colors to pair. Roses in different colors red, blue, yellow, pink, white, rainbow, peach, orange, are all beautiful by themselves in arrangements but we think certain rose color combinations (such as blue and red, blue and pink, white and red, white and pink, red and pink, peach and pink, peach and orange, orange and white) can look a lot more stunning than roses of all the same color. However, our Rainbow roses, since they are multicolored roses, we think they are an excellent bouquet choice and look good just by themselves.

Our rose bouquets are packaged with half the roses of one stem length, and the other half with a slightly shorter stem length. We arrange our roses this way so that all them pop once you open the packaging of the roses. With this arrangement of our roses, you can see all the amazing rose heads and really capture the beauty of them.

At Best Roses Shop, we offer beautiful, breathtaking roses directly from our farms in Ecuador. We offer free delivery to the US so complete a purchase online today www.BestRoses.Shop or call 323.835.1101 and we will be happy to assist.

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