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Unboxing Your Roses

With BestBest.Shop, your roses do look like in the pictures when they arrive. You don't have to be an expert or a florist to make them look awesome in a simple  vase.

The following step by step tutorial will show you how to unbox and display your roses.

Care of Flowers

This is the box you will receive, it can carry from to to 4 dozen fresh cut roses.


Once you open the cardboard box you will find a care instructions carboard. Those tips will help you make your roses last longer. 

Take out the bunch from the box and gently remove the white protective cardboard by pulling it upwards.

Here is when what we call "The Wow Effect" happens.


Unwrap the stems and follow the care instructions shown previously.


Place your roses in a vase with fresh water and enjoy your top notch flowers. You can use the artisan cloth for decoration if you want.

Remember to change the water every other day. Also, it is OK to remove around 2 or 3 petals from the buds if they are a little torn. These are protective petals purposely left there for the travel.

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