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Why You Should Buy Farm-Direct Roses from Us

Gifting roses to a loved one makes them very happy. You want the roses to last for as long as possible or at least 10 days. Typically, when you buy roses from a flower shop or a retailer, more often than not, the roses have travelled for many days and passed through many intermediaries, wholesalers, stock rooms, storage rooms, road transportation, etc. without cooling. This drastically damages them and reduces the shelf life of the roses you buy from Florists or flower shops. Farm direct roses are always fresh. The roses are cut fresh and shipped out the same day...

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Why You Should Buy Farm Direct Roses

Buying farm direct roses ensures that you get the freshest roses possible since they ship directly from our farms in Ecuador. Once you place your order with us, we then hand cut the roses and package them individually and ship them out directly to you. Our roses never switch hands nor pass through multiple levels of vendors to get to you. This ensures that you get the best and freshest rose bouquets as soon as possible straight from our farms in Ecuador. Also, farm direct roses last longer once you receive them. They are also firmer and have vibrant rose...

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Labor Day Weekend Rose Bouquet Ideas

    Labor Day is a celebrated national holiday in the United States. We want to commemorate all the people who work hard and contribute to the organizations that they work for. Our special Labor Day rose bouquets are the perfect gifts as we have red roses coupled with specialty tinted blue roses to signify the workforce in the United states.   You can alternatively order red roses and blue roses and make your own arrangements for more gift ideas. Although Labor Day signifies the colors blue and red, you can order other colors of rose bouquets from us as...

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