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Why You Should Buy Farm-Direct Roses from Us

Gifting roses to a loved one makes them very happy. You want the roses to last for as long as possible or at least 10 days. Typically, when you buy roses from a flower shop or a retailer, more often than not, the roses have travelled for many days and passed through many intermediaries, wholesalers, stock rooms, storage rooms, road transportation, etc. without cooling. This drastically damages them and reduces the shelf life of the roses you buy from Florists or flower shops.

Farm direct roses are always fresh. The roses are cut fresh and shipped out the same day from our farm. They then travel in cold storage and are directly delivered to your doorstep. Best Roses Shop always sends you beautiful farm direct roses fast so they are fresh when they reach you and your loved ones home, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the roses for 10 days or more.

The farm direct roses from Best Roses Shop are grown at the equator in specially designed rose houses where the sun is directly above the latitude, and the roses are grown in nutrient rich volcanic soil. This ensures that the roses get optimum sunlight to grow and allows our roses to have larger blooms and brighter colors than roses from any other part of the world. Best Roses Shop only ships the best and freshest Ecuadorian grown roses.

Hundreds of customers buy our roses every month to gift to their special someone. Our roses are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the person who means the most to you, because when gifting roses, regular roses just won’t do and your loved one deserves the very best!

At Best Roses Shop, we offer beautiful, breathtaking roses directly from our farms in Ecuador. We offer free delivery to the US so complete a purchase online today www.BestRoses.Shop or call 323.835.1101 and we will be happy to assist.

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