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Rose Color Meanings: Choose The Right Rose Bouquet To Send

Are you planning to send someone beautiful roses and want to make sure you select the perfect rose bouquet?

You will find roses come in a variety of colors from red to white to even black. But each rose color has a meaning and signifies something different. Below are the different rose colors and their meaning:

Red Roses signify Love, Romance and Passion
Pink Roses signify Grace, Gentleness and Admiration
Peach Roses signify Modesty
Orange Roses signify Boldness, Fascination and Excitement
Salmon Roses signify Desire and Excitement
Yellow Roses signify Joy, Happiness and Friendship
White Roses signify Purity and Innocence
Cream Roses signify Charm, Thoughtfulness and Grace
Lavender Roses signify Enchantment and First love
Dark pink Roses signify Appreciation, Gratitude and Thank you
Burgundy Roses signify Unconscious Beauty
Green Roses signify Growth and Rejuvenation

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