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The Most Special Valentine’s Day Gift – Super Tall Roses

Valentine’s day has been celebrated since the roman times on the 14th of February. Even though the process of gifting and the way valentine’s day is observed have been evolving, it is in the deep sense, a celebration of love.

When you have a special someone to show your love to, you buy or send them roses. Roses are very special on Valentine’s day, but in order to gift your Valentine a truly special surprise, give them super tall roses.

3 feet tall or 4 feet tall red roses are unique, tall, imposing, grand and special. In fact, they are so special because only a handful of farms grow such super tall roses around the world and only a handful of rose varieties can be produced as super tall roses. They are the most special and unique way to show how much you love someone.

Super tall roses that are 3 feet or 4 feet tall are more special than regular roses because they last longer, have larger blooms and last but not the least they are beautifully mesmerizing and tall.

At Best Roses Shop, our roses are straight from our farms in Ecuador. In fact, our very own rose farm produces about 1000 stems of 4 feet tall roses a month, so order for them before they are gone, and make this Valentine’s day a truly unique and special one. Buy online at or call us at 323.835.1101 today and we can assist you with your order. 


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