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Farm Fresh Roses: The Real Deal

It is a world known fact that the Highest Quality Roses come from the middle of the world. The Ecuadorean Andeans have a unique combination of climate, soil and sun light. Key factors for growing the Perfect Rose.

In our farm, each order is hand-picked at the greenhouses, carefully selected in our post-harvest process, kindly boxed at the coolers. and shipped straight to the FedEx perishables deck at Mariscal Quito International Airport.That very same night our flowers (now yours) are shipped to your front door, no intermediaries, no warehouses.

We grow premium quality roses along the footsteps of the Cayambe Volcano. Our first Fresh Cut Roses where harvested and exported in 1986, and we have passionately been doing this ever since. There are many good plantations in Ecuador, and very skilled farmers, yet only a hand full can say they have been doing this for over three decades.

Many years of experience and responsible farming is something we cherish very close to our heart. It is an inexplicable emotion to have three generations walking through the same greenhouse and see hard working employees that have been with us since the beginning.

Come to Visit Us

We are thrilled to serve unique experiences to groups of travelers, students, and clients that want to have a hands on tour at our farm in Ecuador.

North from Quito, our farm awaits for you. Come and experience South America! Check out the next article to learn more about our visit expeditions.

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