Best Roses FarmLife doesn't always turn out the way you planned... sometimes, just sometimes, it turns out better.

My father started growing roses right about when I was born, in 1986. I remember playing around the greenhouses as a little boy, never imagining that 30 years later this would be my life. After graduating from college and taking some time to work in different industries, trying to find my own path away from my family business, I was gladly surprised to realize that here is where I want to be.

With this in mind, and with the love and support of my amazing wife and companion I took the challenge to bring our rose plantation into the future. Always keeping in mind my father’s teachings, protecting our mother earth and understanding that a beautiful rose is only beautiful if it serves a purpose. The arrival of my first born made me realize that the love that a parent has is limitless, and everything we do is always with their best interest in mind.

My father has worked very hard to give us the best opportunities and this plantation with its 250 employees has been a great part of his blessing. I hope that this plantation will keep providing secure jobs and wonderful moments long after I am gone, and that my children can teach their children what my father taught me.

- Nicolás.


We recycle all of our water within a 100% closed cycle so we don't waste this precious resource. We have over 200 animals within our property that produce natural fertilizer. Also, we have sheep instead of lawnmowers, we use “good bacteria” (agroplus) and medicinal plants to fumigate our roses, bringing the use of chemical products to a bare minimum. You can read more about this in Visit Our Farms section.


Best Roses FarmWe believe that the hard work of the farm’s employees deserves better. If you give roses on the first date, they should at least last until the third date. This is why we have partnered with FedEx in order to offer you something very special: real Farm-Direct Roses, no middle-men. We are the farm, we are the growers and you can come visit us anytime!

The traditional rose business takes at least 15 days and 3 intermediaries to reach from the farm to the final costumer. Before somebody receives this wonderful gift, roses have passed from an importer, to a distributor, to a wholesaler, to a florist or to a supermarket. No wonder why they generally don't last past the weekend and sometimes not even till the next day.